Monday, February 23, 2015

Al Shabaab Threatens US Malls "Be Vigilant", Says Jeh Johnson

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The Somali terror organization Al Shabaab is threatening to attack US malls as they did in Kenya, principally the Mall of America in the Minneapolis-St Paul area while DHS director Jeh Johnson is busy giving a voice to US Muslims-to use his words. Oh yes. He is telling us to be vigilant.

It surely makes a lot of sense that the Mall of America would be a primary target. After all, the Minneapolis-St Paul area is home to the country's biggest Somali community-thanks to our government bringing in about 80,000 of them as refugees in the 1990s.

And how about YOU be vigilant, Jeh instead of running around "giving a voice to Muslims"? Last I checked that was not part of your job description.

I watched this empty suit yesterday being interviewed by Fox News. The guy can't even look his interlocutor in the eye when "answering" questions for crying out loud, let alone give a straight answer. Every time this guy looks down and to the right, he is making something up.

But we'll try to be vigilant, Jeh.

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