Wednesday, January 14, 2015

University of Virginia's Overreaction

Hat tip The College Fix

                                                                                         Sober and Lucid
                                                                                         (Sober's on the left.)

In the wake of the now-discredited Rolling Stone story about "Jackie" a University of Virginia co-ed who claimed a gang rape, UVA has instituted strict new procedures for frat parties-some frat parties, that is.

"At least three brothers must be “sober and lucid,” meaning “without influence of any substance,” at each function. At least one each “must be present at each point of alcohol distribution and another at the stairs leading to residential rooms.”

Is this over-reaction or what? Do you see some unequal treatment there?

This is almost as dopey as the "Yes means yes" measure that California has passed to combat sexual assaults on college campuses. It means that during any sexual encounter between students, the male must get consent from the female each step along the way to, well, you know. In other words, it goes something like this:

"May I remove your bra?"

"Yes, you may."

"May I touch your breasts?"

"Yes you may, but only the left one."

I think you get the picture.

The point here is that from the rolling hills of Virginia to the coast of California, only universities could think of such dumb solutions.

Meanwhile, a memo to UVA:

It didn't happen!

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