Friday, January 23, 2015

."...people like Hillary Clinton...."

We join President Obama's State of the Union already in progress.

'....because I wake up every day trying to figure out ways to help make the lives of hard-working middle class American people better.

People like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was born and raised in Chicago. When she was at college at Georgetown, she met the love of her life, Bill. They dated, fell in love, got married, and eventually settled in Bill's home state of Arkansas. They worked hard, scrimped, and saved their money. Eventually, they moved back to Washington. But then with the turn of the century, economic times grew hard. Bill and Hillary found themselves flat broke and had to give up their cherished home in Washington. Hillary went back to work and pooling their incomes together they were able to make ends meet. Today, I'm happy to report, as a result of my economic policies, Bill and Hillary are back on their feet, and the future looks bright. When I received Hillary's letter telling me her story, I was so inspired I asked her to join us tonight. Please give a round of applause to Hillary.

You see, it's stories like Bill and Hillary's that make me determined to do all I can to help the middle class. That's why I am proposing a tax increase on the wealthiest among us.............."

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