Thursday, January 8, 2015

NY Times Absurd Take on Paris

Leave it to the NY Times to tell us that the number one concern in the wake of yesterday's terror attack in Paris is another rise in Islamophobia.

This is so typical of the NY Times' philosophy under Arthur Sulzberger. Blame the National Front. Blame Marine Le Pen. Blame the Sweden Democrats. Blame the UK Independence Party. Blame the right. Blame the thousands of marchers in Dresden. Blame the "vulgar" cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. Blame those hundreds of thousands of people in France who turned out with the signs reading, " I am Charlie". And, of course, blame those Islamophobes with their irrational fear of Islam.

But don't even question Islam. After all, that would hand a victory to the people who actually carried out the deadly attack against people who dared to draw offensive cartoons.

By all accounts, the crowds who responded to the attack in Paris displayed no racist sentiment against Muslims last night. They didn't go on rampages searching out Muslims for attack. Mosques were not set alight. Muslims were not beaten up. That is how it should be.

None of which is good enough for the NY Times.

It is true that "Islamophobia" by any definition is increasing rapidly. That is unfortunate for decent Muslims everywhere, but it is a natural reaction to the horrors that occur virtually every day all over the world. Until all this madness, violence and hatred stops, Islamophobia will continue to grow.

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