Thursday, January 29, 2015

NBC Journalist Calls Chris Kyle a "Racist on a Killing Spree"

Hat tip Newsbusters

Today on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", an NBC journalist named Ayman Mohyeldin referred to "American Sniper" Chris Kyle as a "racist on killing spree".

To his credit, host Joe Scarborough interrupted reporter Mohyeldin and called him on his characterization.

However, this is typical of the American left, both in Hollywood, as exemplified by Michael Moore and some other actor-slob named Seth Rogan and in the media. Had this ex-al Jazeera mouthpiece said this on any other MSNBC show, he would not have been challenged.

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Squid said...

Do not forget Jesse Ventura, who sued Chris Kyle's estate for over a million dollars. I believe that the judgement against Kyle was poor and will be appealed at a higher court. Kyle never named Ventura in his book, describing a bar fight.
But, just like second rate Rogan and the human slug, Moore, Ventura claims fame of being a fellow SEAL. He is not, as he never completed the 26 week basic SEAL training. Ventura was a Navy UDT, which is not a full fledged SEAL. Jesse, who never fought in a war, either as a UDT or a Special Operator, which he was not, was assigned to a SEAL group, as a UDT when the Vietnam war was over. This was out of convenience, not for action as a Special Operator. No Special Operator would sue another Special Operator or SEAL team member.
As far as Ayman Mohylin's reference to the truly heroic American Sniper, Chris Kyle, he is bailing against an incoming tide. Ayman's statement against a $210 million box-office attended by Americans. Ayman looses.