Monday, January 5, 2015

Jerry, Chris and the Zebras

Did you see that game in Dallas yesterday? More importantly, did you see Chris Christie up there in the owner's box of Jerry Jones Stadium hugging-er, trying to hug Jerry Jones when the Cowboys finally won the game? He looked like a nose tackle trying to get to the quarterback.

Of course, there would have been no celebration had it not been for this play below:

That was the play where the officials called pass interference, announced it to the crowd, then changed their minds. Even the TV network's referee expert told the play by play guys it was pass interference. That's the first time I ever saw a flag picked up after the head referee had announced it to the crowd.

That wiped out what would have been a first down inside Cowboys' territory with time running out, and, well you can figure out the rest. Instead of a first down, it was 4th and one around midfield. The Lions then punted-well sort of punted.

                                                                         "Hee hee."

It went ten yards, the Cowboys scored, and that led to the first scene above.

So now it's on to the frozen tundra of Green Bay, where Governor Christie will have to don two orange sweaters. Better yet. I think Jerry should sign Chris to a contract to play offensive tackle. I mean, who's going to get around that gut? Tony Romo will have all day to pass.

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