Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Have the Killers Been Located?

Hat tip Francois DeSouche

Again a word of caution because reports do get out of hand, but the French blog, Francois De Souche is reporting that French police have surrounded a residence in Reims thought to be the home of one of the attackers and "an assault is imminent". The below link has a TV news video showing the police in position around the apartment.

"Dans le quartier de la Croix Rouge à Reims, un assaut est imminent. Au moins une cinquantaine de policiers sont présents dans les alentours du lycée Arago. Des fusils à lunettes sont pointés en direction des fenêtres d’appartements dans lesquels pourraient se trouver les hommes responsables de l’attaque contre Charlie Hebdo mercredi 7 janvier. La police scientifique et technique est aussi sur place."

"In the Croix Rouge quarter of Reims, an assault is immanent. At least some 50 police officers are present in the area of Arago school. Rifles with lights are pointed in the direction of the windows of apartments in which the men responsible for the attack against Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday January 7 may be located. Forensic and technical police are also on the scene."

This may be a routine action/execution of search warrant since it has been earlier reported that one of the suspects was from Reims. Even so, all precautions must be taken. Entry will be done using SWAT methods.

Update: This same site is now reporting that one suspect has been killed and the other two are in custody. They are quoting NBC News, which is reporting this information based on reports from US intelligence sources. France News 24 reports that the 18-year-old surrendered to police.

Update: It appears the only point that has been confirmed is that the younger suspect has surrendered to police. The apartment in Reims has been entered by police without incident. As for the other two suspects no further confirmation has been received from the French authorities.

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