Monday, January 19, 2015

Garland Showdown

Hat tip Campus Watch and Christian

'Stand with the prophet against hate and terror' protest
-Christian Post

There was another big Islamic conference and fund raiser in Garland, Texas Saturday. It was entitled, "Stand With the Prophet". It also attracted a lot of protesters. There were counter-protesters and cops kept them on opposite sides of the street. There was one brief scuffle.

One of the featured speakers was our old friend, Siraj "America is a filthy garbage can" Wahhaj. Another organizer is Georgetown professor John Esposito, a noted apologist for Islamic extremism.

Tonight I just watched an excellent report by Fox News' Jesse Watters, who bought tickets, flew down to Texas and was then denied admission after his ticket was cancelled. (He got his refund.) Watters was unable to get in but managed to get some interesting interviews outside. His report was carried this evening on Bill O'Reilly. He did a good job.

Incidentally, this is not an isolated incident at these events. If they decide you are not "on their side", they will sometimes seek to have you removed from the event. This also happened at another venue this weekend (report pending).

I see activist Ruben Israel was there. The last time I saw Ruben was at the federal building in LA last summer when he was being mobbed by angry Muslims who were hatin' on Israel  during the recent Gaza fighting. Ruben was standing there all by himself holding a poster that said something unpleasant about the Prophet Mohammad.

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