Thursday, January 8, 2015

Closing in on the Killers

There were several premature reports yesterday on the hunt for the Paris killers. At one point, it was reported that two men were in custody and the third dead. That was false. At this point, what we know is that the 18-year-old has surrendered and the two brothers are still at large after robbing a gas station in northern France. The hunt is now centered on a forested area near the town of L'Aisne.

If all this is accurate, it appears that the professionalism of the attack itself was not matched by the plan to escape. There was no small plane waiting to whisk them off to Algeria or some other safe haven. They have not simply vanished off the radar screen. Not even a safe house was waiting for them.

So assuming the latest reports are true, we can expect this chase to end fairly soon. The French cops are very efficient, and the latest confirmed sightings are encouraging.

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