Thursday, January 8, 2015

CAIR CEO Crashes an "I Am Charlie" Vigil in Washington

Hat tip Weekly Standard and Atlas Shrugs

Nihad Awad

"I am not Charlie"

Nihad Awad, the CEO of CAIR showed up at a vigil in Washington for the victims of the Paris attack. As described in the Weekly Standard article below, it was rather awkward.

"A few moments later, the crowd was mostly organized for the relocated cameras, and Nihad Awad made his way to the front and center of the crowd, between Cournol and another organizer, who read the names of the dead. Unlike everyone around him, Awad was not holding not a Je Suis Charlie sign, but one for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The crowd was emphatic in chanting "Je Suis Charlie" after each name, but Awad was suddenly taciturn. Given his self-appointed front and center status on camera, it was awkward."
C'mon, Nihad. Say it. "I am Charlie". How about, "I condemn Hamas," while you're at it?

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