Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anjem Choudary's Admissions on Hannity

Last night, British Muslim leader Anjem Choudary appeared on the Sean Hannity show as he has done several times in the past. If listeners were looking for real fireworks in the wake of the Paris attack and Choudary's outrageous response to it, there may have been some disappointment on the part of some. Yet, Hannity got Choudary to make some very telling admissions when he asked him if the penalty for apostasy, adultery, blasphemy and homosexual acts under Islam is death. In each case, Choudary responded in the affirmative.

Thank you, Mr Choudary.

As vulgar as Choudary is, he is spot on. Under hudud sharia law, the penalty for each of these "offenses" is death. That is affirmed by virtually every leading school of Islamic thought in the world. Keep that in mind the next time some American Muslim cleric tells you that Sharia law is perfectly compatible with the US Constitution. It simply isn't, and in face of the drive by organizations like CAIR to oppose efforts by states to keep sharia out of their own legal codes, this is a perfect illustration why each state needs to pass such legislation.

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