Monday, December 1, 2014

Who is Zemir Begic?

Early Sunday morning, Zemir Begic, a 32-year-old Bosnian immigrant, was attacked by a group of teens in St Louis in front of his wife. He was beaten to death with hammers. Three teenagers, ages 15, 16, and 17, are in custody.

I don't see anything on this as yet on the national website of the Council on American Islamic Relations nor on their Missouri web site (just thinking the victim may be Muslim being from Bosnia). CAIR is all over the Michael Brown case, and their national director, Nihad Awad, attended Brown's funeral. (Talk about opportunism.) It would be interesting to see if CAIR tries to paint this as a case of "Islamophobia".

According to Gateway Pundit, a St Louis blog, three of the suspects are described as two African-Americans and one Hispanic. reports police are looking for one African-American and one Hispanic in the assault.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that a third suspect, 17, is also now in custody.

We will have to await further details. Hopefully, this story will not suddenly disappear from the news.

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