Friday, December 19, 2014

Update on Denisa From One New Heart

Hank Dannecker of One New Heart has located a Romanian family in Israel to provide some comfort to their latest sponsored child, Denisa and her mother.

Hank and Gabi have been working hard to find a Romanian community in Israel that might be of support to Denisa and her mother.  They have kept the internet lines buzzing with communications back and forth between Israel and Romania.  When Gabi finally tracked down the community in Israel and contacted them, they already knew about Denisa!  It’s a small, small world.  This afternoon, Hank, Gabi, and Adriana met the Romanian pastor who shepherds a church in Peta Tikva, a town about 15 minutes from the hospital.  They plan to attend this Romanian church tomorrow. This congregation has already mobilized into action, supporting Denisa and her mother with phones/minutes (Adriana was able to speak with one of her sons today by phone), food, and the church plans on taking an offering for them. This support is a great blessing for them; as both Hank and Gabi will leave the country by month’s end, Denisa and Adriana will have the support of Romanian believers. 
Gifts and sufganiots continue to flood the ward, because of Chanukah.  Almost hourly, a different group of children come in to pass around goodies & gifts.
Dr. Tamir has decided to wait to see how the parasite reacts to the meds he put Denisa on; so this means that her heart surgery will be delayed until probably later next week.  We are thankful that this was found, because according to Dr. Tamir, had it not been found, it would have killed her.  He is also almost certain that she will need a second surgery because of the parasite.  When Gabi asked if they could do both heart and spleen surgery simultaneously, Dr Tamir responded, “We don’t mix our holidays together.”
Pray for Dr. Tamir!  This Jewish man, by his own words, is agnostic.  His heart is big and he has been working, almost completely without the help of other doctors – most of the doctor’s staff has been away at conferences.  He just finished working seven days straight/24 hours a day, with naps here and there.  He has been responsible for the flood of pediatric heart patients who are currently in the hospital. He receives no extra salary for this work! Hank wanted to take him out to lunch, however, he said all he wanted was a vacation - understandably so.

Today, Hank was granted permission, by Dr. Tamir, to take Denisa and her mother to see the beach at Jaffa and Mediterranean Sea, about a 10 minute drive from the hospital.  It took some prep work on the part of the nurses, but it was well worth it.  Denisa remembered that Hank said perhaps they could visit the beach one day; today was the day that they went to the beach for their very first time!
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What great work Hank and his team are doing. And how about some kudos for Dr Tamir?

If you are able to contribute to One New Heart, please visit their website which is linked on Fousesquawk under, "Worthy of our support". You can see the great humanitarian work they are doing.

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