Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Republicans Sell Out on Benghazi

This is why I have never joined the Republican party.

All this time we thought the Republicans were fighting the good fight against Democratic intransigence to bring out the truth about Benghazi. And now the House committee led by Mike Rogers (R-MI) comes out with a report essentially white washing the whole thing.

"Even one Democrat on the committee said, "Rogers was more dismissive at times than Democrat members." 

One can only imagine what those brave people who were on the ground at Benghazi must be going through now.

"Paronto said: "Mike Rogers asked me ... 'Do you think that the delay cost lives?' ... and I looked him squarely in the eyes saying 'yes ... definitely.' We were told to wait and delayed three times which caused the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. Why would the report say otherwise or our words be disregarded?" 

And who are those Republicans who are speaking out but don't want their names used for fear of backlash? Who are the Republicans who stood silent because of the upcoming election? Do you really think they deserve your votes when they come up for re-election?

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