Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sorry, Charlie. No Statehood For You

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

A Palestinian statehood resolution failed in the UN Security Council with the US voting correctly while the French voted yes and the timid Brits abstained.

If the Palestinians want a state of their own, they can turn away from terrorism and violence and negotiate in good faith with the Israelis. They should not be granted by the UN what they refuse to negotiate for.

This no doubt will cause much gnashing of teeth in the halls of US academia.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Rather sad that the UN doesn't stand by and honor its own resolutions. The State of Israel was authorized by a resolution that divided the British Mandate of Palestine into two portions, a Jewish state and an Arab state. Both should exist, and the UN should sustain the entirety of its own resolution.

Gary Fouse said...

You forget that when the UN proposed a two state solution in 1948, Israelis said yes, and the Arab world said no and went to war.

Squid said...

The French have a problem with Islamization in France. Yet, they support nonsense about a Palestinian statehood, without any land. Of course, the UN functions as effectively as a eunuch in harem.
Global Warming anyone?

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Can't blame the Arabs for going to war.

If someone tried to take my land, I would do the same.

"Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English and France to the French".
- Mahatma Gandhi

Gary Fouse said...

Gandhi,s area of expertise was s Africa And India not the Middle East. And when did Arabs begin calling themselves Palestinians?

Did'nt you make this same argument before?

Anonymous said...

"Gandhi's area of expertise was s Africa And India not the Middle East."

Actually, just like South Africa and India, Palestine and other parts of the Middle East (Jordan, Iraq) were under British control.

Gandhi was very well aware of the Jews, and their evil intentions for the Holy Land.

Gary Fouse said...


Thank you for providing us with Exhibit A. The readers will note that he didn't say Zionists. He said Jews and "their evil intentions" . Julius Streicher, who this guy probably admires, couldn't have said it better.

This is all about Jew hatred not land.

Of course, these comments never have a name attached to them, Cowards always hide behind anonymity.

Squid said...


I Know it is an inconvenient truth that the Jews were in Isreal far ahead of Mohammad and Islam or before the Arabs that claim "Palistine" as their own. The term Palestine is Roman, as they changed the name of Judia to that name to punish the Jews for trying to over through the Romans in the area.
I visited Rome this year and visited the Arch of Titus, which bares the image of the Jewish manora from the sacking of the Temple on the Temple Mount, over 2000 years ago. This fact shows that Isreal existed far before the birth of Mohammad and the creation of Islam. So much for Palestine belonging to Palistinians.


Gary Fouse said...


They also think southern Spain (Andalusia) rightfully belongs to them because they conquered it centuries ago and were subsequently driven out. Once Muslims set foot somewhere, they consider it theirs for all time.