Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SONY Caves to North Korea

And where is our president?

For those of you who may not know,. Sony Pictures in Culver City, California sits on the site of the old MGM Studio lot. I know this because my father used to work at MGM.

Today, it has just been announced that in the wake of cyber terror threats to hit US theatres with 9-11 attacks if the film, "The Interview" is shown, many theatres have cancelled plans to show the film, which was set to debut on Christmas Day. Now Sony Pictures has cancelled the Christmas debut.

As we suspected all along, it also now appears that thebthreat comes out of North Korea.

And where is President Obama? He is too busy announcing the re-establishment of relations with Cuba.

What comes next? Do we cancel showings of films like, "American Sniper" if ISIS threatens to strike our theatres that show it?


Anonymous said...

And what do you expect Obama to do? Step in and FORCE a private company to release a movie? I'm sure conservatives would love that.

Gary Fouse said...


No-but I at least expect him to say something about it. Act like he cares.

Anonymous said...

Obama has called the move by Sony a "mistake." Happy now?

Gary Fouse said...

Oh, I'm thrilled.