Thursday, December 4, 2014

Romance at Cal

Hat tip Campus Reform

Love is in the air at Berkeley

Yes, indeed. Thanks to the Daily Californian, which has a regular feature on SEX, we learn of an alleged romance between a UC Berkeley student and one of Berkeley's finest-and I don't mean the cops.

“I’d had one too many glasses of wine the night I fell into his lap,” Mata wrote. “He drove me home, we kissed on my sofa, went back to his later on. I never expected that a one-night stand with my professor would turn into something so spectacular. ‘Our bodies were made for each other,’ he’d tell me.”

And then there is this gem:

"Mata defended her relationship by discussing the allegations of sexual assault brought by two female students against current University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Jane Gallop."
"The professor argued in an essay written in response to the allegations that the current rules and regulations prohibiting student-professor relations deter potentially meaningful sexuality that could be occur between them."

I wonder if in all this discussion up there at Beserkley whether anyone has mentioned professional ethics. You don't sleep with your students.

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