Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One New Heart: Update on Denisa

Last month, I posted a report from One New Heart about a new sponsored child from Romania named Denisa, who was in need of heart surgery. Denisa is now in Israel with her mother and here is the update on her status.

Chanukah is in full swing throughout Israel and the hospital is no different!  The children are besieged with groups of Jewish girls visiting their rooms, singing Chanukah songs and giving gifts of sufganiots and candies. Denisa and her roommate, a little girl from Bethlehem, are enjoying all the sweets.

Medical update: the CAT scans were not done today but she was given one unit of plasma rather than a blood transfusion, hoping that it would thin her blood. Her blood is so thick that when the nurses do a finger prick, her skin must be squeezed to release any blood.  The color of her blood is almost black. Unfortunately, she had an allergic reaction to the plasma so she had to be stabilized with steroids and anti-allergenic meds.  Her oxygen saturation level does not remain consistent but jumps around and is never in the normal range. Today it went as low as 50%.
The good news is that they were able to conduct some tests with the blood they took and Denisa is slowly responding to treatment: some of her blood counts are normalizing, her liver and kidney functions are better as well. 

Dr. Tamir has bumped her up to an urgent case and if no other child is admitted who is more critical, Denisa has been placed on the operating schedule for early next week.  This very sick little girl needs the church body willing to fast and pray for miracles!  What better time of year to seek His face for miracles for a beautiful child who needs His touch?
Today while spending time with Denisa, Hank remarked to one of the nurses, “I cannot wait for the day that she is healthy.” To which the nurse responded, “I can’t either.  I want to see her turn from blue to pink!”  Everyone is pulling for her!

Above all, please pray, fast if you are able, on behalf of Denisa…for all the medical needs that we know she has right now.
Give…we praise God that the cost of her operation was provided in full, however, the logistical costs: gas, food, SIM cards, phone minutes, skype minutes – all to stay in touch with family members in Romania, averages approximately $75./day.
Thank you for your part in what we believe is a miracle in the works!  Thanking you for standing with us in prayer, finances, and encouraging words!
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