Sunday, December 14, 2014

Manhattan Beach, Calif. School Board Meeting 12-10-14

On Wednesday of this week, there was a school board meeting in Manhattan Beach, California on the subject of the teaching of Islam in the 7th grade. One parent in particular has lodged a complaint against the school his son attends calling it actual proselytizing for Islam rather than simply examining its history and basic beliefs. The above video is almost an hour long. It begins with a KTLA news report on the meeting. That is followed by the public attendees' statements followed by comments by board members. The president of the board makes it clear he defends the current curricula, which according to one statement, consists of three weeks of instruction. It ends with an interview of the concerned father.

This is not just happening in Manhattan Beach. It is happening all over California as well as other parts of the nation. There is a vast difference between explaining the history and basic beliefs of any religion and presenting it for three weeks and in a manner that suggests it is dogma. There is also the question as to whether the curricula is presenting an accurate picture of Islam or one that is distorted.

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