Monday, December 22, 2014

Janet Napolitano (UC President) Is Now on UC Berkeley Faculty

Hat tip Daily Californian

"...and you can roll your eyes, Fousesquawk."

And rolling my eyes, I am, indeed. Things just keep getting weirder and weirder at UC Berkeley. Janet Napolitano, who happens to be the President of the University of California, has now been given a tenured faculty position at Berkeley as well. Here is the exciting report from the Daily Californian.

What?? Doesn't she have enough goodies as UC President? Is this a joke? Maybe we should make Obama the head of the FBI.
And this gem:
"Henry Brady, dean of the public policy school, praised Napolitano’s record in politics and said the news of her tenure was “thrilling.”
“To have somebody of that caliber on our faculty is a real plus and signals to students that we really care — not just about theory of public policy, but we care about getting things done,” he said."

What did she get done as head of DHS? And don't give me that stuff about all the people DHS deported. That was just playing with numbers. One of her agents, Brian Terry, was killed by a weapon involved in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, and by her own admission, she never even had a discussion with Eric Holder about it demanding to know why one of her agents was dead thanks to this govt. scheme. I asked her about this when she spoke at UCLA a couple of years ago and all I got was a run-around and an admonishment for rolling my eyes.

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