Saturday, December 13, 2014

Germans Take to the Streets and Speak Out

Hat tip Gatestone Institute and Karen

Country by country, West Europeans are standing up and telling their political leaders that enough is enough. European immigration, which should have been a positive thing, has gone horribly wrong. This is not to say that many immigrants have not made a positive contribution; they have. However, far too many have arrived in Europe to take advantage of generous welfare systems and rather than assimilate, are acting like they intend to take over the place and install their own values and belief systems.

The latest example is Germany, where a couple of groups are holding regular marches and demonstrations. In particular, they are saying no to the ever-rising Islamization of their land. Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute has a report.

The far left and the political appeasers can call these groups racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, or whatever. As long as they don't resort to violence and vandalism and follow the law, they merit support in resisting further Islamization and the myriad of problems it brings, including riots, violence, harassment of Jews, intolerance and hate speech, not to mention those joining ISIS or Al Shabaab. Sooner or later, the political leadership of Europe is going to have to start listening to its people.

Who needs this?

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