Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brad Sherman's(D-CA) "Solution" to Islamic Terror

Hat tip to Janet

In this piece from the Washington Free Beacon, Congressman Brad Sherman is interviewed about ISIS. Sherman has two ideas, one good and one which I would term Pollyannish. First, he calls for jailing ISIS fighters who return to the West from Syria or Iraq. I'm on board with that. It is his second idea that I question. He wants to hire a couple of Islamic scholars who will travel around the world for the US (State Department?) and use the Koran and hadith (sayings of Mohammad) to convince Muslims that ISIS is distorting Islam. The below link has a video of this interview.

First of all, our State Department is already using US Islamic figures to conduct "outreach" overseas. One notable example if Salam al Marayati, the CEO of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Yes. It is a joke. This guy and his organization are part of the problem of stealth jihad in this country.

Secondly, Mr Sherman needs to do his homework on the Koran and the hadith. If he did, he wouldn't make the statement about them that he made here. The head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Bahgdad. I think he knows more about this subject that Mr Sherman.

Wise up, Congressman Sherman.

I guess we could recruit Yusuf al Qaradawi to spread our message.

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