Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breaking: Attack in Sydney

It is Monday morning in Sydney, Australia and police are dealing with a siege situation at a Lindt chocolate shop in the Martin Place Mall near the opera house. It appears at least one man is holding hostages. He is described as wearing a head band with Islamic writing. The opera house has been evacuated. The news reporters are discussing possible Islamic terror connections. At the below link is an Australian news live feed.

It is believed that there are 13 hostages. The below photo from Atlas Shrugs shows hostages being forced to hold the black flag of Jihad against the shop window.

australia jihad

Update: 4:41 PST:

Reporters say that a middle-aged man with a salt and pepper beard has been observed seemingly ordering others (possibly followers) around.

Update: 8:45 pm PST: Australian news reports that just in the past 5 minutes, three hostages were able to get out of the cafe and take shelter behind police.

Also, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot, in his official statement to the nation, said that the motive was as yet unknown!!! The police commissioner, Andrew Scipione, says that it is not yet known if this is an act of terror!!!


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