Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Bosnian Attack in St Louis-Does Anybody Care?

This time St Louis police are calling it a hate crime. A Bosnian woman was attacked by a group of African-American males who pulled her out of her car and beat her. According to the report, they verbally mentioned her Bosnian nationality when they attacked her. This is the second time Bosnians have been attacked in the past week.

So where is Al Sharpton? Where is Eric Holder? How much attention will the media (outside of Fox News) give this? Will there be protests on college campuses? Will there be a riot in Berkeley? Will the President come before the cameras and make a statement?

Of course not.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

How many African Americans in St. Louis know where Bosnia is, or how to recognize someone as Bosnian? (I bet most white folks in St. Louis don't know either.)

Gary Fouse said...

Precisely the question I raise (although there are reportedly some 70,000 Bosnians in St Louis). If you are right then could it be they were attacked because they were white?