Sunday, November 30, 2014

The UCLA Divestment Farce

Hat tip The Mike Report

As previously reported, a pro Divestment vote has recently been passed at UCLA aimed at firms doing business with Israel. The BDS vote failed last year, but they just keep coming back until they pass. Of course, these exercises, which take up so much time and energy of various university student governments, are symbolic in that they are followed by a statement from the university that no such divestment will take place. Such a statement was issued by UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

Below, courtesy of my Seattle-based friends, The Mike Report, is a brief report on what happened at UCLA. It also contains the final remarks of Avinoam Baral, the Israeli president of the student council in the face of the pro-divestment bullies in the room.

G-d bless, Avinoam. He stands in marked contrast to the pro-divestment bullies and the radical faculty who drive this asinine BDS movement on our campuses.

Hopefully, some day this movement will exhaust itself. It is the practical equivalent of little girls playing house. What's sad is that it sucks up so much of the time, energy and resources of a campus that does nothing to further the education or the well-being of the students. The exact opposite is the result. I long for the day when our universities can get back to the business of being universities.

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Findalis said...

Let them disinvest in Israel. See how fast they want their computers, cellphones, and modern medicine again. I understand in the Muslim world the only real treatment they have for any disease is camel urine.