Friday, November 28, 2014

A UCLA Student Lectures a Black LA Cop on Race

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

It appears from what looks like LA City Hall in the background that this protest took place in downtown LA. Watch the below video tape as a snot-nose white female who identifies herself as a UCLA student "doing research" lectures an older black LAPD cop about race.

Where does one begin? That cop has more life experience with race in his little finger than that arrogant white female will ever have in her life. As for the female, she didn't learn that rhetoric from her parents; she learned it from her professors over in trendy Westwood Village. This is the garbage that she and the rest of our kids are learning in the classroom, not just at UCLA, but all over the country.

I once regretted the fact that my two kids only finished two years of college. Now I don't. They don't talk like this. They have common sense and are living in the real world. This young woman is living in a fantasy land of "structural racism" and "white privilege", "People of color" and all the other divisive nonsense that is being taught in humanities and social sciences these days. I wonder how much Mommy and Daddy are paying for their daughter to learn this crap.

And you know what's really scary? This lady ten or twenty years from now instead of looking back and thinking, "How could I have been so dumb?" will probably be teaching that same stuff in some other university.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

To revive a phrase from the later phases of the civil rights movement, "That's mighty white of you, lady."