Wednesday, April 9, 2014

As Richard Falk Departs UN, What About His Replacement?

                                                                               "We have a vacancy."

Earlier this week, the outgoing UN special rapporteur for human rights in the Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, spoke at San Diego State University. I was not present, and I have not yet received a report on what kind of one-sided propaganda he most likely gave to the SDSU students. Falk is so one-sided against Israel that even the Obama administration welcomes his departure. Worse than that, he has supported people who espouse the 9-11 conspiracy theories that our own government, George Bush, or the Israelis actually carried out the attack against the twin towers. He even blames the US for the Boston Marathon attack. In short, Richard Falk is a crackpot. Of course, that doesn't disqualify him from speaking on a college campus. Far from it.

But who will his replacement be? It appears it will be someone just as bad.

One thing you can count on: The UN will never give a fair break to Israel.

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Miggie said...

The deck is stacked against Israel at the UN because there are so many Muslim countries. They are a majority with the only unifying thread is antisemitism and anti-Israel sanctions, proclamations, conferences.

We really should leave the UN and set up a similar union of Democracies. There should be a criteria to get in and to stay in. Certainly, the human abuses against their own citizens would exclude the Muslim countries. Let them do with they do on their on.