Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kathleen Sibelius: Cold and Incompetent

Hat tip John Speedie for audio

Kathleen Sibelius, a former governor of Kansas,  is the secretary of Health and Human Services, another one of President Obama's horrible choices to fill his cabinet and running an over-bloated and too-powerful government bureaucracy. Unfortunately, this bureaucracy is also front and center in implementing Obamacare.

Just months ago, this cold woman dismissed pleas to waive HHS rules so a 10-year-old girl- weeks from dying- could get a lung transplant.

"Some people live, and some people die," was her comment at the time.

Fortunately, a judge intervened and the girl got the transplant.

So now for the incompetence. Sibelius and her gang of cronies have had three years to get this monster called the Affordable Health Care sign on apparatus up on the internet. Three years and hundreds of millions of dollars, I might add.

And it doesn't work.

"Sorry, Kathy. System's down and your password is rejected."

Not only that, very few people have registered. Either they can't, have given up, or they didn't intend to in the first place. Fox News reported today that in Alaska, a grand total of 7-seven- people have signed up.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah"

So now come the calls to resign, and the Republicans in the House want to subpoena her to testify as to how this gross incompetence could occur on her watch. None of it will do any good. Just like Eric Holder, she will ignore calls for her to resign and Obama will ignore calls for him to fire her.(If he did that, he would, by rights, have to fire himself.)

Well, we fought it and lost.  Right now, I am resigned and content to just sit back and enjoy the show as this monster does its thing. Chances are it will destroy itself. And Kathleen Sibelius will probably waltz off to become president of the University of Kansas or some such thing. That's what these boobs do when they leave government, don't they.?


Squid said...

The great state of Alaska has only 3 individuals sign up for the ACA. Amazing. Also, the evil with of the North has a striking similarity to Kathleen Sibelius. Great work Gary!
I read that the ACA spent 637 billion dollars on the website. Frank McAfee (the firewall and anti-virus program creator) said that the website should have only cost 6 million dollars. Where did all the rest of the money go. In fact, the IRS cannot find 60 million or more that was slated for the ACA tracking. So much for the un-accountable Obama administration.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That story about the girl who needed the lung transplant was heart-rending... until the full story came out, that there are more people on the waiting list for lung transplants than there are lungs available to transplant, so as a cold hard physical fact, SOME people DO live and some DO die waiting. Somewhere in the United States an adult DID DIE who could have had a lung transplant, but for the judge ruling that the girl whose parents got the ear of people in high places to raise a ruckus should have the available lung, instead.

Go figure. Blame the supply and demand, not the Secretary. If you're really concerned, not just making political brownie points, scrape together all the cash you can spare to donate to research on growing new lungs in the lab from stem cells obtained by manipulating the patient's own cells.

(The rule involved was that ADULT lungs would be transplanted into adults, and CHILD lungs into children. Medically, that is indicated. Of course a dying child would rather have a contraindicated adult lung, that might not work well, rather than die waiting for a child's lung, that would be more likely to work well. But some adult, for whom that lung was a better match, died for lack of it.)

Miggie said...

Actually, most of them become lobbyists for the industry they were supposed to be regulating while in office. Ah, they don't call them lobbyists so much any more; they are consultants, or advisers or something else.
The main problem here is the one you see throughout when the government tries to run something. They don't know the industry! They outsource and give contracts based on price, time, promises, and Powerpoint Presentations.
Anyone in the industry would have told you that having people create an "account" which was verified by another organization created a bottleneck and a basic architectural design flaw. Besides the different organizations did not have the same platform, software template, or co-ordination.

It makes a tremendous amount of difference if your computer has last name as the first field and mine has first name (or number or date, etc) in the first field. You can't send me a file because my program and yours don't mesh.

If Obama wasn't so focused on getting personal information first on everybody, it would have be a lot easier to just show the array of choices and then go into a decision tree to get the age and other factors. Just to be sure the last page, I understand, is a reminder to register to vote. In other words, don't forget who is giving this healthcare insurance to you so go out and vote.

They should be able to coordinate all the programs eventually but it is susceptible to hacking to get personal information... not to mention all the problems downstream once the software in all the states and all the insurance companies have the same program.

Three years and 600+ million down the drain. That does matter to Obama as much as the potential of so many new prospective Democratic voters and all those email addresses he can give out to the various Democratic campaigns to use.

If they compromised the DOJ, EPA, NLRB, and the IRS to do their bidding, this Obamacare will be a pushover.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Miggie, everybody who leaves government does that. Most Republicans who lose senate or congressional elections stay in Washington and sign up as lobbyists for something or other, with a significant pay increase. So do most Democrats who lose elections, for that matter. Ditto for those with experience in the executive branch. Its the free market in action.

If you proposed a law prohibiting anyone who has been employed in government from every working as a lobbyist or consultant for the rest of their lives, on pain of life imprisonment, I'll sign up to support it. Nobody in congress will, not even the Tea Party. I'll go further, nobody who has worked as a lobbyist may serve in congress or in an appointive cabinet level post.

Findalis said...

"Some people live, and some people die,"

Sums up Obamacare in a nutshell.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

As always, Findalis pulls out the trite phrase and ignores the factual context. Some people live and some die is a condition that predates human government, let along the Affordable Care Act. How human actions impact the number who live, and the number who die, is worth talking about. More will live with the ACA than without it. But Findalis is still trying to do penance for having once been employed by a liberal in Washington, so she had to recite ritual mantras denouncing anything the Obama administration is doing.

Come to think of it, its not true that some will live and some will die... we're EACH going to die... eventually. Hopefully that will never amount to ALL of us at once.

Gary Fouse said...

By the way, Siarlys, Have you signed up yet? How's that website treating you?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

The web site needs to be taken down and totally rewritten. But I have found the link to download the paper application President Obama was talking about. Mine is in the mail. You can find it here, depending on whether you want a family or individual application: