Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obnoxious Professor at Temple University

Hat tip Campus Reform and Todd Starnes

Not so wise

Situation: College Republicans at Temple University are having a forum on Right to Work. A liberal professor named Joe Schwartz and a couple of young followers show up to express their point of view. Fine. Schwartz then starts to use foul language for no apparent reason. Not fine.

As one who has showed up at a few garden parties to play the role of skunk, I will tread carefully here in criticizing Schwartz. Sometimes, things do get a little heated and people speak frankly. Fine. I just don't know why Schwartz had to resort to foul language even before things got heated, tense, or whatever. Maybe it is even easier to criticize his left-wing ideological lines about the Koch brothers, corporations and all that.

And of course, there is this statement from the university spokeshole:
“Temple University is a community of scholars in which freedom of inquiry, freedom of expression and mutual respect are valued,” spokesperson Eryn Jelesiewicz said. 
“It’s important that we all foster an environment conducive to civilized intellectual and educational stimulation within the university free from unlawful harassment by other members of the community.”

But kudos to the speaker. He put the guy in his place.

Temple is really not much of a university anyway. I have written about it before on this blog.

Parents: Don't send your kids to Temple. Besides, it's in Philadelphia.


Miggie said...

It is so typical of the left. Foul mouth demonetization must be taught at the DNC or perhaps they get it from reading

It also shows the futility of arguing with a leftist. Their convictions become facts in their minds. They refuse to acknowledge or even see the results of their policies where left wingers have been in control for decades... I give you Detroit, Chicago (New York in a couple of years) Oakland. While the states under the Republican governors elected in 2010 are doing great for their states.... every single one of them.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Schwartz then starts to use foul language for no apparent reason. Not fine.

Definitely not fine. "Right to Work for Less" advocates have no data and less integrity to their analysis, they just have a passionate commitment to enriching investors at the expense of people who do real work. Bain Capital is their hero, and Mittens is their figurehead.

If this guy can't put them in their place with calm, reasoned discourse, and plentifully available facts, he should stay home. How pathetic that he can't do a simple job like this.

Miggie... Scott Walker promised Wisconsin 250,000 new jobs, and we've actually lost a bit on his watch, plus, he's been giving away public property to well-connected friends, without bothering about open bidding or looking out for the interests of taxpayers.

What was that you said about "doing great"???

The big question is whether the Democrats have the good sense to run some bright new candidate with a substantive program next year, instead of a tired old mayor. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is Walker's truest friend.