Friday, May 31, 2013

Leftists Take Over College Republican Event, Reset Discussion Ground Rules, and Campus Cop Ejects Photographer

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

This is a classic case of what happens on college campuses. The College Republicans at Portland State University show the film "Obsession" (critical of Islam) in a public venue on campus. Muslim students and their socialist student allies take over the post- film discussion, bully the College Republicans to leave, begin their own discussion, and then have a campus cop kick out a man who was filming. Atlas Shrugs has the report and the video.

Where are the lawyers? This problem is recurring over and over again.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Lawyers work with the letter of the law. That's how it has to be, or everyone would make up their own law in response to each situation.

So, do your homework. What ARE the applicable constitutional jurisprudence, statutes, rules and regulations. Whatever they are, they are all in writing.

And don't hold an event you KNOW will be subject to this kind of attach without knowing the rules, having your lawyer ready, communicating in writing to campus police on what you find in the rules that might be applicable.

Ditto for the cameramen.

Do these people want to prevail, or do they just want a bit of martyrdom to whine about? Campus lefties are vulnerable if anyone bothered to prepare. Campus lefties never prepare. Doesn't seem like campus Republicans do either.