Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zaytuna College Gets Rave Reviews From New York Times

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

The New York Times, as they always do, has put out a politically-correct article on the Islamic Zaytuna College in Berkeley.  Ryan Mauro, writing in Frontpage Magazine, has a more accurate description of Zaytuna and its radical founders.

Of course, to our great embarrassment, Hatem Bazian is a professor at UC Berkeley, from which he strives to destroy the state of Israel with his speeches around the country and boring power point presentations.

Hatem Bazian

Of course, Bazian is hardly the Lone Ranger up at Beserkley. In fact, he is just another face in the crowd, a dime a dozen, if you will.

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Miggie said...

It happens that I just returned from a long trip to Israel and was struck with his comment:
"One month after the attacks, he said Muslims are treated better in the U.S. than most Muslim countries and ...."
Believe it or not, the same thing could be said about Muslims being treated better in Israel than in most Muslim countries. There is, for example, a Muslim member of the Knesset that was charged (or suspected of... I'm not sure of the status of the case) with spying for Hezbollah. He fled the country and it went no further... except for the fact that he still collects pension from Israel because it is the law... Muslim or not.

I spent time with Arabs and Muslims in the towns and places (and homes) of those that are Israeli citizens and they are doing very well... better than in the surrounding Arab countries. None of them that I spoke with would voluntarily give up his Israeli citizenship.

In fact, the government is trying to figure out a way to keep so many immigrants from Africa from fleeing to Israel instead of their own people and countries.

The whole country is thriving and prospering now and the Arabs are maintaining pace... except for the extremists as you would expect from ideologue fanatics.