Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Wacky Professor Alert

Hat tip Daily Caller

"The best family system is diversity"

Meet NYU Judith Stacey, professor of social and cultural analysis......

....whatever that is. In a debate reported by Daily Caller (video and all), Stacey argues against the idea of the nuclear family, monogamy and probably baseball as  well.

Did Professor Stacey ever learn in all her years of research that the institution of marriage has existed for 5,000 years largely for the sake of children? Maybe she thinks kids would be better off raised by a pack of wolves.

Why is it that everywhere you look these whack job professors are populating our universities like weeds? Are you getting the impression that our universities are nothing more than lunatic asylums?

Don't answer that.


Findalis said...

Very expensive lunatic asylums. It would be cheaper just to commit each student in the mental ward of a hospital.

The Jakes said...

I'm not sure that I agree with Stacey, but you don't exactly have your facts straight either when you write: "The institution of marriage has existed for 5,000 years largely for the sake of children."

That simply isn't true.

Gary Fouse said...


Perhaps you would like to provide the true statement.

The Jakes said...

It depends on the culture that we're talking about. For some of them, it was a property exchange. What do you think a dowry is all about?

Other societies used marriage as a way of uniting tribes and therefore ensuring peace.

Your reason could be a factor as well, but it's a far too simplistic of a statement.

Gary Fouse said...


We'll agree to disagree on that, but in the 21st century in America, I am not prepared to embrace this woman's wacko ideas. You may just as well abolish marriage altogether.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

If she's not a Cubs fan, I don't care to hear anything else out of her.

The Jakes said...

You disagree? What was the purpose of a dowry then?

And please don't get me wrong, I am not defending this professor. It's possible for me to disagree with both of you.

Gary Fouse said...


I don't care about dowrys and we are deebating a side issue. My problem is with what this nut thinks marriage should be like.