Friday, March 29, 2013

Johns Hopkins' Embarrassment

Graduating medical class objects to graduation speech by Dr Ben Carson

Dr Ben Carson is learning the hard way what happens to conservative blacks who wander off the liberal plantation. He was slated to be the commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins University's graduating medical class. Then he made a comment about groups that want to change the marriage laws. With California's anti-gay marriage law now before the Supreme Court, woe to those who oppose gay marriage.

Carson has graciously withdrawn from the speech after this insult from the very students studying in his department. He is better than they are.


Miggie said...

I think he is also learning that it is a mistake to put your political intentions out in the public too early.

Every single thing he says and does now will be scrutinized (and lied about) from now on. (Just ask Herman Cain)

One of the things Carson said that bothered me in his remarks, if I understood it correctly, is that the cabinet should represent the nature and composition of the entire population. What happened to meritocracy?

I don't care what the color or ethnicity of the whole cabinet or the whole congress is as long as we get the best people in the jobs, regardless of their color or tribe.

I hope he just misspoke.

This proportional representation of races, sexes, etc. in the cabinet or anywhere else is nuts.

It happens that in the 20th century only 8 baseball players stole 100 bases or more in a season. Does that mean we should give half those records to women or 11% to blacks, or some other percentage to some other minority? Everyone should get an equal shot but after that it is up to you to accomplish something... and not expect it be given you because of your color.

Findalis said...

He should give his speech and FORCE these idiots to listen to it.