Friday, March 22, 2013

A British Muslim Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism in the British Muslim Community

Hat tip New Statesman

In the wake a Muslim member of Parliament blaming Jews for his jail sentence for texting while driving that contributed to a traffic fatality, Mehdi Hasan, a British Muslim writer, has the courage to call out the Muslim community in Britain for its anti-Semitism.

With all due respect to Mr Hasan for writing an article that took courage, there is one vital point missing in his article. Where does all this Jew-hatred come from? He concedes that the Israel issue cannot be the only cause. It isn't.

What Mr Hasan did not say-and cannot say without committing the capital offense of blasphemy- is that it is in the Texts. It is in the Koran, and it is in the Hadith.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

You can find anything you want in the texts of any major religion. Look at how Buddhists in Myanmar are finding that their religion commands them to riot and subject their Muslim neighbors to mob rule.

OF course the resort to anti-Jewish verses in the past fifty years is all about Israel. Nobody paid much attention to those verses when Jews were actively aiding the Caliphate's conquest of Jerusalem (so they could get back to the Wailing Wall), or when the Caliph ordered every shard of the Second Temple that could be found to be reverently incorporated into the first mosque built there, or when a Jewish admiral headed the Ottoman fleet, or...