Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Were Certain Students Removed From Brooklyn College Event?

Hat tip Algemeiner

The controversy continues to rage at Brooklyn College after the speaking appearance of Omar Barghouti and Judith Butler last week. Now an audiotape has been released by Algemeiner that appears to contradict claims by the university that the pro-Israel students were removed because they were "disruptive". At the below link you can further link to an audio of Butler's remarks that tends to refute the university's claim of disruption.

At the same time, Florida Atlantic University was celebrating Israel Apartheid week by not allowing an counter-Jihadist film crew to take video equipment into two speaking events. The Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine attempted twice in the space of the last few weeks to tell me not to film events (unsuccessfully). Then there is Brooklyn College. In the case of UCI, both groups had to back down when the law was pointed out to them and they failed to get support from the campus police. In the case of FAU, the campus police acted as enforcers as did Brooklyn College.

It may be time to take legal action back East.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Why don't these videographers to something sensible, like come in with "Arab American Friendship Association" stickers all over their cameras. Or, "Palestine Independence Media Project"?

IF they want to also test the waters, a separate crew could go in as "Jewish Students for Truth" and big stars of David.

And if the police broke the law, by all means, go to court.

Gary Fouse said...

Finally, a great idea from Siarlys.