Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What About That Ali Syed Case?

Remember that killing spree in Orange County by Ali Syed recently? You don't? Maybe that's because nobody wants to talk any further about it. Here are a few updates, however, from OC Weekly (available at most car washes), LA Times and the Huffington Post (ugh).

Sure would be nice if we learn the motive behind those killings.


Miggie said...

My bet is that they find he was "reacting" to something he felt was "anti-Muslim.

Maggiemae said...

I was going to email you today to see what the local press was saying. After the day of the shooting, the only additional news we've seen here (NC) , was a short update when the first victim was identified. Otherwise no updates at all. Very strange.

Gary Fouse said...


Unfortunately, some dirt is coming out on the victim, an unfortunate 20-year -old girl. I think the public deserves to know why he killed her. I also think it strange that he deliberately executed two motorists, whose names we know, but spared one motorist whose care he stole and whose name we don't know. Yes, that person deserves privacy, but his name may or may not give a clue as to why he was spared while others died.