Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Western Regional Muslim Student Association Conference Part 3

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

I am cross-posting Mark Tapson's report on the annual Muslim Student Association Western Regional Conference held last week at UC Santa Barbara. This is part 3.

It was inevitable, wasn't it? Note the references to "white privilege" and "American imperialism". Also note the bowing and scraping prostration of USC in the wake of the David Horowitz appearance three years ago.

It is truly sad and alarming to see young people isolating themselves from the larger society, but in the end, we must accept their own words. Is this really a "brown vs white' society we live in? I don't think so, but it seems these young people think it is- or want it to be. I still place the primary blame on the adults who are indoctrinating them-not just the Siraj Wahhaj's, but the university administrators (like Michael Jackson at USC) who are enabling them.


Miggie said...

I think this was the best comment after the article:
"The muslim student association is essentially a reincarnation of the hitler youth and the soviet komsomol. Both use the same tactics - intimidation, thuggery, threats of and actual violence, political correctness, anti-semitism, and utter contempt for individual rights. American campuses during the 1930s were filled with faculty who worshipped either fascism or communism. Today they're filled with faculties that apologize for the brutality and totalitarianism of islam and blame Jews for all that is wrong in the world. Yes, we've seen this movie before, but it has never been more lethal."

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Muslims invented the trans-continental African slave trade, after their traditional source of slaves, the barbarians of northern Europe, dried up. "White privilege" has no place in this brouhaha.