Monday, February 25, 2013

Robert Menendez, Daily Call Girls, and Daily Caller

Hat tip Daily Caller

                                                                              "You have a call, Senator."

The Daily Caller is running a bunch of stories on Senator Robert Menendez today-all tied around his alleged relationships with prostitutes. A high-level call girl has claimed she serviced the senator.

But there is an explanation for all this. Menendez is being hounded because of his race, you see.

“Now we face anonymous, faceless, nameless individuals from right-wing sources seeking to destroy a lifetime of work,” Menendez said at Shiloh Baptist Church.

“And their smears are false. I have worked too hard and too long in the vineyards, too long with my hands, for the harvest to be soured.”

And when the Daily Caller called Menendez's office, they got hung up on by an aide.

Here is the actual transcript of the call-provided exclusively to Fousesquawk:

"Senator Menendez's office."

DC: "May I speak to Senator Menendez, please?"

"Yes, of course. Who is calling?"

DC: "The Daily Caller"

"Of course, I will put you right through. The senator is expecting your call."

"Excuse me. Did you say you were the daily call girl,?"

DC: "No Ma'am. The Daily Caller. C-A-L-L-E-R."


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