Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More "Education" in Texas

Student punished for refusing to recite pledge of allegiance to Mexico!

One of my readers took me to task a few days ago for reporting a story out of Texas for what they are teaching about Islam. Well, here's another example of the indoctrination that goes on in schools down there "deep in the heart of Texas".

I must confess; when I was studying French in college, we once sang the Marseillaise. I was so inspired I often post the lyrics here when I am writing about France. (I won't subject you too it here.) Yet, I am sure, I could have opted out had I wanted to. One reason I didn't refuse was that our French teacher was drop-dead cute, I had the hots for her, and I would never have done anything to piss her off.

But I digress.

This is an example of multi-culturism being perverted to something that is destructive. It is fine to respect other cultures, and I certainly do, having lived 11 years of my life in other countries and learning a few languages along the way. However, the multi-culturism that I live virtually every day has nothing to do with this Multi-culturism (with a capital case M). The latter is designed by the "central planners" to wear away our identity as patriotic Americans. How is it that you can opt out of reciting the pledge of allegiance, but you cannot opt out of  reciting the pledge of allegiance to another country? The only Mexican I have to pledge allegiance to is my wife, Commandante Fousesquawk.

The world is turning upside down before my eyes.


Miggie said...

What's the difference between multiculturalism with a capital letter and the same word with a lower case letter?

The Jakes said...

A few things:

1. I agree with you that it's wrong that she was punished.

2. I still don't believe the other story about the supposed Muslim indoctrination - which is a different sort of a thing from this, unless there are a lot of Muslims pledging allegiance to Mexico.

3. Let's not get carried away. It's one school. Texas is a big state. Unless there's reason to believe that this happens at a significant percentage of Texas schools, there is no reason to say that the sky is falling.

Sometimes I think that politically-driven media (whether right or left) exists solely to get people all fired up and angry.

Gary Fouse said...


This stuff is happening all over the country. I have posted many articles on it as well as the textbooks our kids are reading that distort so many things about Islam as to make them historically inaccurate and misleading to put it mildly. We have parents out here in OC who are upset at what their kids are being taught.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Like I keep saying... there is a strain of school administrator that thinks their job is to punish those who don't conform, whether by refusing to recite the Lord's prayer, or by bringing a Bible to school in their backpack, refusing to recite this Pledge of Allegiance or that Pledge of Allegiance.

If the girl's parents go to court, the school district will lose, or, disavow the action and fire the perp.

"This stuff is happening all over the country..." Yeah 50- parts per hundred million. Its still a weak solution.

Findalis said...

Would it have been better if she was forced to sing the Horst Wessel Song? Just because the Principal has an idiotic idea of punishing non-conformist, doesn't make it right or legal. It is against the law to Pledge Allegiance to a foreign power without first relinquishing your American Citizenship first.

Thus the Principal is forcing the students of his school to relinquish their citizenship without their knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Gary only supports the mandatory teaching of the Holocaust in American schools.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, Anonymous. I do think the Holocaust should be mandatory teaching in our schools. Germany agrees with me too.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

History is not a matter of what is mandatory, but what is factually documented. The factual documentation for the Churban Europa should indeed be taught, because it exists. That also means there is a high probability that it happened, to put the mildest possible case on the matter.