Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Christians Massacred in Nigeria

Hat tip Monkey in the Middle

The persecution and massacres of Christians continues in Nigeria. This time it was a family of ten. Half of the victims were children under 6.

And the world remains silent.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I remember the time that an open cell meeting of the Communist Party of Northern California sent a telegram to the government of South Africa expressing their outrage at the continuation of apartheid.

If you wish to condemn the world for remaining silent, I hope you have in mind a more effective manner of speaking out.

A few years ago, the semi-annual protests at the IMF office in Washington, DC, attracted the attention of so many different one-big-happy-family causes that it ended up with slogans like "United We March." They were so united that nobody could discern what they were marching for, the goals were legion.

I hope you have in mind something more effective than a stream of press releases every time a Christian family in Nigeria is killed.

If you or I lived next door, we could say, we would have pulled out our guns and shot the dastardly mob that was prepared to do the deed. But, we don't, and God knows if we would have the gumption to do that if we did.

We all like to think that if we'd been in the mob telling Pilate "Give us Barabas," we would have spoken up for Jesus. But honestly, most of us wouldn't have dared.

So anyway Gary, what DID you have in mind in the way of EFFECTIVE response?

We know you don't mean "send the marines."

Gary Fouse said...


The problem is that Christians are being persecuted in virtually every Muslim country. (I don't know the population breakdown in Nigeria.) It is not an isolated act. No, I am not suggesting sending in the Marines, but where are the voices of the US,the UN and EU? Why are they silent? Look at Egypt. As the situation becomes worse for Christians, we send Egypt more aid plus tanks and F-16s.

Meanwhile, the Jews in Europe are being harassed and assaulted daily and nobody says anything about that. They can't be persecuted in the Arab world because they were driven out back in 1948.

Religious persecution is rampant in the world, and guess who the perps are. But we dare not speak out because CAIR will call us "Islamophobic".

Siarlys Jenkins said...

VOICES? Do you think Boko Haram is worried about VOICES? The only place where military jihadis are on the defensive is Mali. As you have noted, the French did not issue press releases demanding that AQIM keep its hands off Bamako or else.

(Jews didn't need voices either -- they needed landing permits. Guns would have been nice too. There were those who could have smuggled them into the Warsaw ghetto.)