Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Play, "Who Wants to Run for President?"

"Here is our million-dollar question: Who (besides Hillary Clinton) wants to run for president in 2016?"

a  Mick Jagger
b Piers Morgan
c Larry King
d Charles Manson
e Prince Charles
f Bernie Madoff
g Pastor Terry Jones
h Little Richard
i Nihad Awad
j Janet Napolitano

Here's a hint.

That's right. None other than Janet Napolitano, the 2010 Fousesquawk "Jerk of the Year" Golden Penguin award winner herself.

1 comment:

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I can't imagine why. I don't even know she'd be a bad president, I just don't see any basis for her to think she has a national base of support. She's a Democrat who got elected governor in Arizona, but the rest of the country hasn't been paying much attention to her.