Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Play, "What the Hell Happened Today in Pakistan?" (Feb 12, 2013)

"So what the happened today in Pakistan?"

a A new bridge was opened in Rawalpindi
b A meteor struck downtown Karachi
c John Kerry arrived on an official visit
d A demonstration took place in Peshawer against Valentine's Day

The answer is D.

(Jihad Watch)

Jimaat e Islami is the party founded by Abul Ala Maududi, who has written many books on Islam and is considered one of their great scholars. He was extremely anti-West, but came to the US when he was seriously ill and died in Buffalo. His American-born widow (one of them)  lives in Pakistan and also writes against the West.

And as previously reported this week, the Hyderabad, India branch of Jamaat e Islami, had invited radical British journalist Yvonne Ridley to their convention, but the Indian government wisely denied her a visa.

No valentine for Yvonne Ridley.

Maybe someone could order her one of those Vermont Teddy Bears. But I guess she doesn't believe in Valentine's Day either.

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