Monday, February 25, 2013

Janet Napolitano Warns of Doomsday as Sequestration Approaches

Hat tip Weasel Zippers

Janat Napolitano- 2010 Fousesquawk "Jerk of the Year"

Only a few more days until the world comes to an end according to Janet Napolitano.

That's right. President Obama is trotting out out all his cabinet folks like Napolitano and Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood to tell us all the horrible things that will happen if Sequestration goes into effect. How can we survive if the government can only spend 15 billion dollars more than it did last year?

Who knows? Maybe the cutback in flights means all the cardinals won't be able to get to Rome to elect the new pope. Maybe the world will have to go 6 months before we have a new pope.

That's right. Fewer flights means longer lines at airports means fewer passengers means fewer passengers to jump on would-be underwear bombers so that the system can work perfectly, right, Janet?


Squid said...

Henny Penny was right!


elwood p suggins said...

Was that Henny Penny or Chicken Little?? I forget.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its true. If you want to cut government spending, you're going to have to cut government services, including security. Paul Ryan's budget drastically cut security at American embassies. Hey, if the money's not there, people just have to be prepared to die, right?