Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ahmadiya Event Coming to UC Irvine March 6

An interesting event is coming to UC Irvine on March 6 (at least it appears interesting to me.) It is called, "Mohammed: The Messenger of Peace" and is being organized by the group, Muslims for Similar events are going on all over the country that week.

Muslims for Peace is part of the Ahmadiya sect of Islam. (They consider themselves Muslims, but mainstream Islam does not recognize them as such.)

From what I know about the Ahmadis, they appear to be peaceful in intent and are badly persecuted in Pakistan, which does not legally recognize them as Muslims and forbids them to label themselves Muslims publicly. They have been the targets of violence from other Muslims as exemplified in the 2010 attacks on two Lahore mosques.

This is an active proselytizing sect, and judging by the title of the event, I imagine they will tell the audience that the Prophet Mohammed has the answers to all the world's strife. I am curious as to what kind of turnout and reaction they will get from the campus Muslims. The announcement is below:

Hopefully, something positive may come out of this. I am certainly eager to hear their message, as well as hear about the persecution they are undergoing.

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