Thursday, January 3, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood in US Exposed-by Egyptian Magazine

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and Rose El-Youssef

Don't take our word for it when we point out all these US-based Islamic leaders who are tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Investigative Project on Terrorism has just translated an article from an Egyptian magazine (Rose El-Youssef) that says the same thing.

Funny. I just wrote about Marayati and his MPAC conference on December 15, when I had a chance to meet the man himself and ask him a question about apostasy. Had I known about this article, I could have asked him about that as well.

As for Mohammed Elibiary, he has also been featured here at Fousesquawk along with the dolt who hired him at DHS, Janet Napolitano.

The article by Rose El-Youssef is really just confirmation from Egypt what some of us in the US have known for years.

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