Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christie Hefner and Joe Scarborough-Two Dopes on MSNBC

As the old saying goes, you could go to the Playboy mansion on any Saturday night, collect all of the inhabitants' brains, put them in a peanut shell, and they would rattle like bee-bees in a boxcar.

Introducing Christie Hefner of Playboy and daughter of Hugh Hefner, who gave MSNBC's Joe Scarborough a lesson on the causes of all the gun violence in Chicago during the Morning Joe show. You see, it is all because of Climate Change, which leads to rising temperatures and more gun violence.

I recall back in the 1960s, when we talked about "long hot summers", but this is absurd. Keep in mind that the temperature currently in Chicago is in the 20s and 30s, yet the city is still suffering from shooting deaths in the dead of winter-in spite of its strict gun laws. The past week has been deadly, and a 16-year-old girl has been shot to death, but certainly not due to global warming.

But forget about dunderhead Christie. Scarborough followed up that comment by ridiculing the conservative bloggers, who, like me, would pounce on that dopey statement-"from their mothers' basement no less".

Sorry Joe. This conservative blogger resides in his own home, which doesn't even have a basement. While I concede that hot temperatures can contribute to violence, I don't see how you can discuss last week's violence in Chicago during winter and attribute it to Climate Change. That is a dopey statement, and you don't have to live in your mom's basement to recognize it as such.

And to think that Scarborough is one of MSNBC's window-dressing "conservatives".


Findalis said...

Correction Gary:

Today's temperature in Chicago was 14F in the day and 4F at night. Cold is not the word, bitterly cold.

elwood p suggins said...

Scarborough certainly appears to have become, if he was not from the get-go, one of MSNBC’S “token RINO‘s“. I seem to recall that when he was in the House (which was admittedly a little while back, and memory fades), he at least appeared to me to be a fairly decent conservative, but I could very well be wrong. That does not appear to be the case any longer, and he gets goofy with some frequency. Guess it shows you that the effects of media exposure can cause you to morph/devolve into something else.