Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ATF Whistle Blower in Fast and Furious Cleared

ATF agent John Dodson has finally been cleared by ATF after his whistle-blowing activities in Fast and Furious, which cost him dearly in terms of retribution.

"Although it took some time, the basic truth is now known to all: Throughout Operation Fast and Furious, agents and prosecutors failed to ensure that firearms were interdicted from straw purchasers and traffickers whenever there was a legal basis and opportunity to do so," he wrote. 

Well, not quite. There is still a problem in terms of who came up with the idea of Fast and Furious to begin with and the level of involvement of high-level Dept.of Justice officials-including Attorney General Eric Holder, who, in my opinion, perjured himself several times in testifying before Congress. In addition, what about those 80,000 DOJ documents that the House Oversight Committee has been trying to get from the Inspector General's Office?

The major problem has been that the Democratic members of Congress have been unwilling to get to the bottom of the scandal, while the mainstream news media has chosen to ignore it.

So the "basic truth" is not yet known to all.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

The whistle blower being cleared is good news. The continued attempts to use bungled management of an operation as ammunition for politically-motivated sniping by those who just can't stand the notion that Barack Obama ever was or still is President of the United States is petty and pathetic.

Gary Fouse said...


Was that also the case behind the impeachment hearings of Nixon over Watergate?