Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another University Apologist on Iran's Press TV

Hat  tip Campus Watch

"Germany calling. Germany calling."

That was the signature opening of Lord Haw Haw's broadcasts from Nazi Germany to his own nation England during WW 2.  While there was more than one person who earned the derisive moniker, the name is mostly associated with William Joyce, who, after the war,  was hanged as a traitor.

Now we are certainly not at war with Iran-at least not yet anyway, but that's about the attitude I have to Westerners who give interview's to Iran's Press TV bashing their own countries. It disgusts me.

That leads us to Professor Steve Zunes of the University of San Francisco, who has given this lovely interview to Press TV about America's sins in Afghanistan.

Prof. Zunes is entitled to his opinion and enjoys his freedom of speech. He breaks no laws. Yet, anyone who jumps into bed with anything or anyone associated with the Iranian regime (Press TV is an organ of the regime.) is despicable in my view. To trash your own country to that propaganda outfit is beyond despicable.

"Teheran calling. Teheran calling."

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