Saturday, December 29, 2012

James Clapper's Lock of the Week (Wk 17)

Buckle up, sports fans. It's Clapper here with the...

LOCK of the WEEK.

It's week 17 and even though none of the teams will go 17-0 this year, I have picked out a couple of marquee match ups. So get ready, Baby, here we go.

Jets at Buffalo

This one is for all the marbles, as they say. There is no tomorrow-for either team, but both teams have a great bunch of guys in the locker room (not so great on the field).

This game marks the triumphant return of Mark Sanchez at quarterback. That's because last week's starter, King Kong, suffered a concussion against the Chargers. (Actually, my inside source, Dick Morris, tells me Kong got into a little scrape with the cops during the week. Beat up his girlfriend, dragged her out of the house, high-speed chase with the cops, and fell off the Empire State Building. It happens to every team even the Steelers.) Thus, Rex the Wonder Coach Ryan has passed over Tim Tebow in favor of Sanchez.

 I figure this game is too close to call. I will predict cold weather, however.

My other big game is the Browns vs the Steelers.

"Daddy, what's a Brown?"

This one is normally a no-brainer, especially since the Browns have a third-string quarterback going against Ben the Brain Surgeon Roethlisberger (no pun intended) throwing to his "Fast Money" receivers-minus Mike Wallace, who will be standing on the sidelines watching the scoreboard to see if Calvin Johnson can reach two thousand yards receiving-something he thought he was going to do last year. But this is this year-so my intelligence sources tell me, and the Browns won the game they played in Cleveland 20-14. Look for the Heinz Field parking lot to be filled with cars with Ohio license plates as the Cleveland faithful make their way down the turnpike to see this classic match-up.

It should also make for a great half-time show. (Bring your camera.)

I'll pick the Steelers here, or Fousesquawk won't have me back for the play-offs.

Pittsburgh 28
Cleveland 7


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yeah, OK, but are you going to cover that the latest NYC subway killing turns out to be a hate crime against Muslims except the Hispanic perp pushed a Hindu in front of the train because she doesn't know the difference?

Gary Fouse said...


What does Clapper have to do with the subway killing? As for the motive, I wasn't aware because frankly, I have not been following it.

Gary Fouse said...


I checked it. The news says she told cops she hates Hindus and Muslims. Is she considered sane at this point or an obvious wacko?

It is to be condemned, of course and hopefully not repeated. I have said this before.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You did a good job of covering it Gary. Congratulations. I'm finding the Clapper thing boring, repetitive, dull, and rather difficult to make sense of. Since you hadn't posted anything about the subway killing, where it would have been on-point to ask you if you were going to cover it, but also redundant, this seemed a reasonably good space to pose the question. It was a kind of "moving on to more important things" kind of question.