Friday, December 21, 2012

In Egypt, Obama and (H) Clinton Ignore the Good Guys in Favor of the Bad Guys

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Michael Muenier

In the below article, Egyptian Al Haya party leader Michael Muenier describes how the secular moderates are being ignored by the Obama administration and our State Department in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are taking over Egypt much like the Nazis took over Germany in 1933.

In related news, remember the proclamations from President Obama and Hillary Clinton about how we are going to bring the perpetrators of the Benghazi attack to justice?


Well, we are not making much progress. First, in the days after the attack, a guy who had been identified as the ringleader was sipping coffee in a Benghazi cafe telling reporters that nobody had "contacted" him. Then we hear that suspects have been detained in Egypt and Tunisia, but our people can't get access to them to this day.

"Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, who also sits on House Intelligence, said the politicization of Benghazi had hampered the investigation, adding "across the spectrum there's more that needs to be done. But yes, we're still far from having a definitive picture to what degree there was any level of command and control, and who was responsible."

Adam Schiff. Wasn't he the guy that sent that congratulatory message that was read at last Saturday's Muslim Public Affairs Council convention at the All Saints Episcopalian Church in Pasadena? 

Yeah! I heard it. I read it in the brochure they handed out.

This amounts to yet another failure on the part of our Justice Department, and, of course, our feckless State Department.

If only Hillary Clinton weren't suffering from a concussion, she would take care of this.

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